About Us

 Are you struggling with going back to the office? Did you get used to having calls, meetings and even gathering in your pajama pants?

So did we.

That’s why we are developing a new type of pants for the new normal.

No need to choose anymore between your pajamas and your outdoor pants.

The ChaCha Pants, a pair of unisex pants for you who wishes to look presentable but with a touch of creativity and without ever losing freedom of movement in your everyday life.

Wearing either of these pants, you will never have to worry about riding your bike, climbing a lot of stairs, or just staying at home. They will never make you feel uncomfortable no matter what sort of activity you put them through.

Together with our manufacturers in Portugal, we have designed and developed a pair of hybrid pants, so to speak. Our entire selection of pants is as comfortable as your favorite "staying in today"-pants while carrying unique prints to shout out in the new world who you really are at home. 

They are all made with 100% organic cotton and have GOTS certification to ensure fair working conditions for all workers invovled in the production process. 

Be creative, be different, be authentic.

People wearing street pyjama pants with different styles